Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The quilt has been delivered

It was quite an adventure last evening between getting the Where's Jimmy? quilt photographed and delivered. First it was hot outside around 85 degrees. My friend's man friend dropped me off beside the photography studio so I didn't have to carry my piece for two blocks. I went in the door and there was a long set of stairs I needed to climb. This building is old and the ceiling height is at least 20' so that makes for a lot of steps. Oh, by the way, no air conditioning. I made it to the top and guess what? I had to climb another set of steps just as long up to the third floor. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I was sweating bullets. It was running in my eyes and I was a mess! I could even think about taking a picture of the studio, but I wish I would have as there were the mammoth corbels inside the photography studio.

We got the quilt hung up and here is the picture.

Much better than the one I took!

I rolled the quilt back up and headed back to the car over to the gallery where it will hang. I am still sweating. I got to the gallery and the fellow there, Michael, had me set the quilt on the floor. Thanks goodness I had wrapped it in a sheet! Once talking to Michael I realized the quilt was not going to be hung up for until this weekend! I told the fellow it was going to be all wrinkled and asked if I could come back and steam it. He was ok with that so that is a relief! By the time I got home, still sweating, it was 6:45. I had started out on this adventure at 4 p.m.! I fixed myself a big whiskey slush, a small sandwich, and cranked up the A/C to try and cool off. I went to bed early as I started Monday afternoon with the feeling that I was catching a cold and I needed some serious rest. Tonight I will start back on the F to F quilts.

I will be bartering my skills with the photographer. He needs a banner sewn together and I will get photos of quilts for submissions! With Michael, he needs some patches sewn on some bags and I am not sure what I will get in trade, but he is a potter.


Vicki W said...

Great photo! It was worth the effort. I hope you get some good trades for your bartering. I think I had a cold for about 5 days. Fortunately it magically cleared upvcwhen I woke yesterday.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Yes, a lot of difference in the photos! The lighting for the professionals is what we are lacking by our design walls.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

What a great photo! Such a difference when you have the right lights and fancy equipment.

I love corbels!! And old buildings!