Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcoming reception, ArtMart at the Museum, and this weekend's project

This was my invite to the Welcome Reception on Friday night. This was held after the rehersal and anyone who was in town for the wedding was invited. Ok, now the pictures!

The fellow in the orange is a friend (Tom) of my brother's who has worked for Jimmy Buffet for twenty years, and the couple are friends from Pittsburg.

The bride (tall blonde) talking to The Beu Sisters (blue top, striped dress, and tie dyed dress). The Beu Sisters sang at the wedding and reception. They have done recording for several Disney movies and toured with Clay Akien and Kelly Clarkson.

A girlfriend of the bride's and DeWitt who is a guitar tech that worked with the groom for 20 years.

L to R. Fabian, his wife Carolyn, Tom standing behind her, and the groom, my brother Bob.

The friends from Pittsburg, Holly - Mike's girlfriend, and Mike Mills, bass and keyboard player from the band R.E.M. My brother worked for Mike since 1988.

Heather and Dave, friend of my brother. Dave has a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. My nephew Michael has played with Dave several times.

L to R - One of the bride's sister-in-laws, Bob, Sarah, best friend of the bride who threw the shower, and I don't know who the man in the striped shirt was.

I worked at the art museum's ArtMart last night. I have a good time. I was a wrapper. Here are some of the things for sale. I tried to get cards from the artists so I could include their info
The University of Akron had a big area for their pottery made by staff and students. I stuck my hand in this picture so you could get an idea of how big this coffee cup was.

Jessica Todd

Brian L. Graham

Lise Anderson Jewerly Her jewerly is made with vintage findings

From I bought some wine slussey mix in pomogrante and mango peach. They had samples and it was so good!

There was one art quilter in the group. I had heard of her so I wanted to meet her. She proceeded to scold me for giving my work away. In her mind this reduced the value of the entire industry and my quilts would just end up at a yard sale. She said work given away is not appreciated or valued. I found the woman to be bitter, frustrated, and without joy. I was sad because I like some of her work. I had no intention of purchasing any of her work with the verbal beating I received from her.

This weekend's agenda is to finish the flannel quilt so that I CAN GIVE IT AWAY to a person who is having serious health issues. This lady is such a nice person and it will give me such great JOY to see a smile on her face when I give this to her.

Have a great weekend!


Vicki W said...

Why no photos of you in your new togs?

shawn said...

I feel very sorry for that quilter :( Giving is such a blessing- to us and the receiver!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! What a be ach! She has no appreciation for the value of kindness.

That sale looked amazing! Did you get some good buys???