Wednesday, December 19, 2012

27th of 2012 done and more cookies

I started working on the cookies as soon as I got home from work. I made a double batch of cut out cookies first. The dough needed to be in the fridge for an hour so then I mixed up a double batch of double chocolate treasures. I rolled them into logs, wrapped and put those in the fridge. I am trying a different technique with them. The dough is so sticky to roll into balls, so I thought I would roll them into logs and do a slice and bake. I will bake them off tonight so you will find out the results of this experiment tomorrow.


Chocolate treasures chillin'. I also decided to see if plastic wrap or foil work better

After all that in the kitchen, I went to the studio to hand stitch the binding on another McQuilt. I was so tired I only got half the binding stitch and went to bed. I was up early this morning so I gather up the trash and moved the garbage bin out to the curb, got ready for work, sat down and finished sewing on the binding, and dropped off DVD's and books at the library on my way to work.

So here is number 27 for the year

I brought a quilt with me to work so that I have to make a choice - walk at lunchtime or sew the binding on another McQuilt. It is a hard choice, but maybe the weather will make my decision for me.

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Unknown said...

the choices for the binding and the backing are crazy good.