Tuesday, December 18, 2012

26th finish for 2012 and more on the way

Yesterday I walked at lunchtime instead of sewing binding since it was 49 degrees on Dec. 17 in northern Ohio! Yes, I am digging this weather, but it is not the norm. So when I got home I did the hand sewing on the first of the five McQuilts.

The quilt is 30" x 40" and I used King Tut Linen color for the front and Masterpiece for the back. The fabric on the back is a Jay McCarroll print.

I also sewed the binding on another McQuilt. I need to keep ahead so that when I have hand sewing time I have something to sew.

I brought my sneakers and sewing today and what I do at lunch again depends on the weather. It is sprinkling right now.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I need to learn to be more like you! Zen......

Creating 26 beauties is such an accomplishment!

glen: off to do some Xmas shopping!

Unknown said...

How 'bout a slide show of all those 26 beauties?

patty a. said...


I have no idea how to make a slide show. I am sure it is not hard, but I just don't know how. I was thinking of making a post with pictures of all the 2012 finishes - I know how to do that.