Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend plans

Last evening I found backing fabric for the five McQuilts I have pieced. I cut the batting and search for binding. I found some binding strips of dark blue and white all ready cut so those will go on the two blue quilts.

I dug out my tape, safety pins, and quilting thread. Tonight I plan on pin basting all five quilts. Tomorrow will be a combo day of quilting and baking cookies. I hope by Sunday to start binding. These quilts are only 30" x 40" so the quilting should go quick. I would like to get these five done for our company lunchon on Friday. They committee will put all the donated items for the Ronald McD house on display and I would like my quilts to be done for that.

Have a great weekend. I can't believe xmas is right around the corner!

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