Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress on the drum and piano quilts

Friday evening I decided I needed to trim and mow the grass before all the rain hit us - at least according to the weather people - Saturday and Sunday. We got some rain early Sunday morning, but that was it. Not enough to soften the ground for pulling weeds or as much as they predicted. I did take the weed wacker to some of the weeds in the flower beds when I was trimming, but since I didn't kill them I have a feeling this will only make them stronger!

I finished sewing together the drum quilt top.

I then began to work on the piano quilt before I added the borders to the drum quilt. I wanted to make sure I have at least enough fabric for the blocks for the piano quilt. I figure I could always not put a border on either quilt if I ran out of fabric. Here is the piano quilt top all done.

I then put the drum quilt back up on the design wall and the borders are just pinned to the wall. I was getting tired Sunday and I wanted to get the studio straightened up and the table cleaned off before I drugged the drum top around to do the borders.

I had the Olympics on while I sewed all weekend. Tennis was on and I watched the men's double. Bob and Mike, the Bryan twin brothers, won. They are friends of my brother and when Bob (the one on the left) had a baby this year, my brother wanted to give one of my quiltsto him for the baby. Remember this zig zag quilt?

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

How cool to know someone in the lolympics!!
When they were in Greece, my cousin's daughter was in the triathalon.

All the quilts are coming out so beautifully. My fabric went off yesterday!