Monday, August 8, 2011

Days 7, 8, & 9 of the room redo

Friday night I went to see my nephew do his guest appearance. I thought I would be home by 8 so I could get started on the room, but it ran a bit over and I stayed to watch a really good KISS tribute band. I think I got home about 10:30 so no work happened on the room Friday.

Saturday I got hard at it.
I got the walls primed and two coates have been applied.


Ripping out old ugly tile

Done ripping

Thank goodness for my handy dandy Fein Multimaster!!

Floor primed

Full pieces of tile installed - 132 square feet. I will have to cut a bunch of tile to go around the outside edges.
Set up trim painting station in the living room. The are 24 pieces of trim for each window unit!
Window trim - yes, I marked every piece so I would not have to guess where it belonged.

Baseboard, window casing, and window extension jambs

I am having sewing company Tuesday evening so I started cleaning up last night. I mean the whole downstairs is a wreck with this redo project going on. I got the laundry/utility/dyeing studio cleaned up and tonight I will work on the sewing studio. I have some furniture I need to paint so I made room in the laundry for that.

No sewing was done this weekend.

I'm tired.

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Anonymous said...

"you're tired?"

you're awesome.

following along with your blog, sewing and whatever, everyday....straightforward and leaves me awestruck and usually laughing.

greetings from a fan in Wyoming.