Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 11

I did not get much done on the room last night since my friend came over to have me help her with her first quilt. I did make an appointment with an electrician next week to clean up the receptacles, add a receptacle under the switch and add a wall sconce. There is no ceiling fixture in this room so the receptacles run off the switch. What this means is that if you plug a lamp in the receptacle and turn the lamp on, you can turn the light out by using the switch. Crazy! What I want is the wall sconce to be controled by the switch and the receptacles are powered on their own. Here are my supplies I already have on hand for the electrician. I bought the wall sconce on ebay for less than $5.00.

Here is where the new receptacle and the wall sconce will be installed.

I had the same work done in my bedroom/fabric storage room.

My friend and I were so busy talking I forgot to take pictures! We trimmed the edges of the top - she did a wonderful job finishing it by herself. She had a piece of fabric for the back, but it was not big enough so we went shopping in my fabric storage room and found a piece that went with the rest of the quilt. We make a striped section and inserted it side to side to lengthen the large piece she had so the back was big enough. We got the quilt pin basted and she plans on quilting it this weekend. Next week when she come back for a binding lesson I promise I will take pictures. Here is a picture of the goodies she brought me last evening - jams and salsa. After we had a cup of my veggie soup, we had my homemade yogurt with the spicy blueberry jam for dessert. Oh my goodness, so good! I told my friend that I could hardly wait for tomorrow morning to come so I could have it for breakfast! I am eating as I write this post :)

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Sounds like a wonderful and fun session! And delicious too!