Friday, August 26, 2011

Darn that yellow paint

Last evening I sanded and primed the extension jambs for the other window in the re-do bedroom. I should have gotten up early to put the first coat of paint on them before I went to work, but I had a cool dream instead. I was dreaming that I was starting to work in a fabric printing shop, but not like anything normal. Everything was custom and very edgy.

I put another coat of paint on this chair. This is the fourth coat. It looks ok in the picture, but in person there are still places where the wood is showing thru.
While I had yellow on the brush, I put another coat on the back side of the head and foot board for the bed. I can only paint one side at a time, so right now there are two coats of paint on each side. I know I will have to do at least one more and possibly two more coats.

This weekend I plan on getting the finish coats on the extension jambs so I can install the trim on Sunday. I will try and get another coat of paint on the bed. I need to get back to alterations and maybe work on unquilting the Dutch wax quilt. I guess I will be busy - again!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

oh, oh. When I saw the title of this post in my sidebar, I thought, oh no! she knocked it over on the floor!


Janet said...

You are quite the handywoman. I am really admiring all the renos you are doing. Love the yellow paint too....I hope it works in the end.