Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Binding and dry erase surface

I sewed on the binding on the museum piece last evening. I wavered between regular binding or facing binding and I decided to go with facing. One of these day when I have a lighter colored piece I will put together a tutorial on how I do this. Tonight I will hand stitch the binding down. I want to take it to the museum Thrusday evening since that is the last Downtown at Dusk event. I won't be back to the museum for volunteering any event until the wine tasting in October. I won't have all the hand stitching done, but at least it will look like a finished piece.

I found these wipe off calendars at a area chain called Marc's. They are a cross between a discount grocery store and a Big Lots. You just never know what you might find. A few weeks ago I found these dry erase calendars. They cost one dollare for three of them. I bought three for work, but then I thought I wonder if you could write on the back and erase? Yes, you can so I bought three more to make my to do quilting and sewing lists. I have a small framed dry erase board, but it is too small.

(Oops, sorry this is sideways!) So here are the sheets hanging on the closet door right next to my quilting studio. I walk past them all the time so with a quick glance I have a remindered of what's next.

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