Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working on another UFO

Last night I was watching the Olympics and my hands were idle. Donk! (my hand hits the side of my head) I could be finishing up the crochet edge on that baby blanket! So I got it off the shelf and started. The yarn I am using came from a man at work last year. His mother died and she crocheted (I hope that is spelled right - it just looks funny). He found a bunch of yarn and asked me if I would be interested. I told him I would like the light colors for giveaway baby blankets. He was delighted that I would use the yarn for giveaway/charity blankets because that is what his mother did. The pattern I use came from my late grandmother who was a fantastic knitter. She won a ribbon for Best of Show at the Illinois State Fair for an afghan that was knitted and embroidered. This was a simple blanket that she could whip up so fast. My mother also knitted and she also used this pattern. I do not have a daughter to pass this on to and I don't think my son is interested in learning how to knit, but I have never asked. Hum, maybe I will at least ask!

So anyway, I have two blankets just sitting waiting to be blocked and a third one that needs the crochet edge added. The orginal blanket pattern calls for a knotted fringe, but the fringe looks sad after the blanket is washed a few times. I had a book with all kinds of crochet edging so I just figured out something that would work. I am not a crocheter and my technique is probably incorrect, but I works for me. I think I have enough yarn for three or four more blankets, so I think I will get those needles out and start cranking out those blankets!


Cristin said...

Really pretty blanket! Looks so intricate!
Well done :-) You look like a 'crocheter' to me!

layers said...

Hello Patty, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a huge respect for artists who work with fabric and stitching and knitting and so on... as I do not do any of that-- I like the speed of gluing papers and laying down paint :-)