Thursday, February 18, 2010

The "Boss" quilt

The quality of the picture is not good. It is a picture of a picture. Again, I did not have a digital camera until 2009 and this was taken about 4 years ago.

Now the story - my brother was on tour with Bruce Springsteen. This was the Pete Seeger Sessions Band Tour. My brother called me and needed a lighting mask - a curtain - and needed it fast! So I gathered the materials for two 20' long x 2' high masks with velco along the top. He was home to get the masks before they were off to Europe the first time. I even make some nifty bags to keep them in.

I decided I needed to make a quilt for Bruce so I got started sewing. All the fabrics had a musical theme to them except one and it was of faces of a crowd that looked like an audience. The blocks were 14 or 15 inches square. I spent about 45 hours quilting this. It was quilted heavily - every 1/8". Once the tour came back to the states and they performed close to where I live, I got to go and see my lighting masks. I gave my brother the quilt. The tour went back to Europe on a charter plan with 48 seats that turn in to bed so everybody could sleep. When the tour was done in Europe they were flying back to the states, the quilt was presented to Bruce as a thank you gift for a great tour. Before lights out one of the band members - not my brother - tucked him in with the quilt. My brother said that Bruce appreciates hand made things.

So anyway that's the story. I have a few more encounters with rock stars and my quilts - stay tuned!

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Vicki W said...

that's a very cool story!