Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stage 4

This is a small piece - I left the measurements at the house - approx. 12" x 14". I esp. like the ghost strip and the introduction of black. I made this one at the same time I made a piece for Robin of simplyrobin. At the time she was having trouble getting nice corners when binding her pieces so I sent her a small quilt with each corner at a different stage of completion. I like orange, blue, and black combination so much, I made Stage 4 for myself.
The snow has finally let up. Tuesday thru Wednesday we received an additional 5 inches which is not bad compared to what the East coast is getting, but with my car I almost got stuck this morning. The road out of the cul-de-sac has not been plowed since Sunday and with the drifting it is getting kind of deep. I have an Eclipse - not what you would say is a car that was built to handle snow over 6". Unless the city plows there is no way I can make it up the road to get to the house. Hopefully my phone call to the city this morning will result in a plowed road.

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