Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is Stage 4 the other was 5.

So much for my memory! I got the number mixed up, but not the story. This piece is made with both hand dyed and hand painted. It is 24.5" x 26" wide. The rectangle is inserted. I used that technique for another quilt for a rock star, but I don't have a digital picture of it. I will take a picture of a picture tonight and post tomorrow. Hint - it was my brother's "Boss" at the time. I also quilted this one a little different.

Spent time shoveling again - we received another 4 inches - and watching the Olympics. I tape the broadcast from 8:30 to 12 and watch it the next evening. They sure have a lot of commercials! With taping (yes, I love my VCR!) I can fast forward thru them, but my evenings are gone and I am not getting much of anything else done.

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GerryART said...

Seems like you 'create' a bit each day.
And blog a bit each day.

Snow, snow snow. Lots of it around this year.
Spring is getting closer - date-wise anyway.

brown robin said...

Fun to come visit you. I'm jealous that you get to watch the Olympics. We don't have t.v., but I never miss it until the Winter Olympics. There's nothing like sitting and knitting or quilting.