Friday, March 3, 2017

So close

Did you ever have one of those sewing sessions that was more of a battle than a fun experience? Last night was a battle - a battle with thread static and wrestling that quilt. I didn't get all the quilting done, but I am very close. I am now 95% done. I only have these two squares and a t-shirt and a half to finish. It was hard quilting on the t-shirts as the thread matched the color of the shirts so well. It was hard to see where I had been.

It is cold today, 24 degrees right now, but it is sunny. Since it is sunny I think at lunch I will try and get the navy t-shirts quilted. With all the great natural light I will be able to see where I am going. Tonight is binding and a label and it's done!

S this weekend I will go thru the R.E.M. t-shirts and figure out what I am going to use for my Akron Art Prize piece. Who knows what else I will get into!

Have a great weekend!

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Kaja said...

There's a reason I only handquilt! It's slow, but all that quilt wrestling just scares me. :-) You are very close to a finish now and it's looking great. I hope you have a productive weekend and make the most of the light.