Thursday, November 3, 2016

Too hot to mow

Is it never going to get cooler in NE Ohio? It was almost 80 yesterday so it was too hot for me to mow after work. Right now it is 64 with 81% humidity. It's November! Time to get cold! So instead of mowing I did a bit of laundry and cooking then went downstairs to my nice cool studio and pin basted the rest of the tea towel quilt. I dug out quilting thread and I will be ready to start free motion machine quilting this tonight.

I watched the game until halfway thru the 5th. I was just too tired to stay up. I was disappointed in FOX and how they were so bias toward the Cubs throughout the series. They showed a piece in the pre game with the Cubs fans, but didn't do the same for the Tribe. At least we made it hard for the Cubs to win. We'll get them next year!

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Vicki W said...

You are right. The FOX script clearly called for the Cubs to win. I didn't watch much of it because I don't follow baseball. Chris had it on so I got a lot of background sound from the game.