Thursday, November 17, 2016

The battle continues

I worked last evening to finish up the big center flower bed. The picture that I posted yesterday of the current state of the bed was when it was dark outside, so here is what it looked like before I got started.

Here is what it looks like now. Much better!

While cleaning this bed up I found a clump of daffodil bulbs; yes, I remember how pretty this clump is in the spring. I decided to dig them up and move them. You see that big mugo pine in the bed? Well, you can't see the daffodils from the street because the mugo pine has gotten so big so I moved the daffodils to the other end of the bed which is closer to the street. Here is the bucket of bulbs.

Here they are in their new home before I cover them up. I am sure I did not get all the bulbs dug up. I will have to wait until spring to see if a few still come up.

The next area I tackled was the bed next to the house. What a mess!

Yes, it was dark when I took the after picture. I am sure there is more that needs removed from this bed, but it was too dark to see so I will finish it up tonight.

I ended up with one wheel barrow of stuff for the compost pile.

Before work I put a couple of small chickens in the crock pot. That will taste good for dinner tonight and meals for the weekend!

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