Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Working in a series and a change in plans

Working In A Series

These two topics are intertwined and here is why. I wanted to spend some time working on my next piece in my linen series. I have accumulated fabrics for the pieces - the screen printed fabric from a workshop, the shibori that Vicki just dyed for me, and a striped linen I have had for a while.

I did work on the teal and purple quilt last evening a bit getting the dark blue block quilted and the purple one next to it quilted.

I then went for my walk and BOOM my plans changed. I stopped to talk to my neighbor. I took her some canna rhizome and commented on how nice the yard was coming along. They have had a landscaping company working there for several day trimming, racking, and mulching. Here I come to find out their son is getting married and I will be invited to the reception at their house - thus the big yard cleanup - on June 20! That means I have 17 days to make a quilt for the happy couple which explains the change in plans.

Once I got back from my walk I dove into the stash to pull fabric for the quilt. It will be my typical style, but I am only making it with 30 blocks. The mother said they like black, white, and blue. So here is the fabric I pulled

After work tonight I will start pairing up a white with a black or blue fabric and cut the fat quarters. My plan is to have the top completed this weekend. In order to get this done by the 20th, I will not be quilting it with my typical lines - that just takes too long to do. I will do an overall pattern matching the thread to the background. That reminds me I need to buy another cone of black thread today - ugh! The teal and purple quilt will have to be set aside for now along with working on a linen series quilt.


Vicki W said...

Clearly your best motivation is a looming impossible deadline! LOL!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

What a great reason to start a new quilt! And with the deadline coming up that quickly - it is sure to be a finished quilt :) Love your fabric pull, can't wait to see it come together :)

QuiltSwissy said...

Ah! Best laid plans of mice and men, I mean quilters......LOL It is like my day yesterday, I must remain flexible!

Lisa Filion said...

You can do it!!!!