Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wedding quilt countdown - 16 days to go

After burning thru an hour and a half on the phone with family business, I got to work. The evening was all about cutting fat quarters from a dark and light fabric, pressing them, and then improv cutting them. I sorted the pieces, stacked them up, and then pinned them to the design wall. Once the blocks are made I will probably move some of the blocks around, but for now I am just trying to keep everything orderly. Here is the design wall with the cut stacks hanging and the FQ pieces that still need cut.

I am taking a day of vacation tomorrow so with three days of working on this quilt, how far do you think I will be by Monday? I have a haircut appointment Saturday, I have to get my canna planted, and I will probably have to mow, but the majority of my time will be working on this quilt.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support that I can get this done by June 20! Lisa, you have a no-reply so I couldn't email you back. I think I have your email address somewhere ..., but thanks for the cheering!

Have a great weekend!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

I'm betting you have the flimsy finished! :) You can do it!! Love the fabrics you have chosen, can't wait to see what you accomplish with your three days.

QuiltSwissy said...

I think you will be quilting by Monday! But the REAL question is, do you know the telephone number for the pizza delivery guy?