Monday, June 1, 2015

Quilting, sewing, mowing, etc.

It was a busy weekend! On Friday evening I decided mowed, thank goodness, as the rain started Saturday afternoon and continued on and off thru Sunday night. After mowing I worked on pin basting the teal and purple quilt and talked to my brother on the phone for more than an hour. On Saturday after I got back to the house from grocery shopping and washed the car, I finished the pin basting. When drying the car I found some rust on the bottom of the driver's side door. I texted a picture of it to my son whose best friend who works at a repair shop. I need to get this fixed before winter.

So I managed to get almost seven blocks quilted by the time I went to bed Saturday night. The quilted ones are the four teal blocks in the upper right corner, and two of the purple blocks below and the dark blue block is almost done.

Sunday I needed to clean up the house a bit as I had company coming around noon. I had met a young woman when I was working at Charm in May and we just hit it off. She lives less than 20 miles away and wanted to come and see my studio. We had a wonderful time and exchanged techniques and ideas. I showed her some of my quilts and she brought two quilts to show me. Her work is excellent! Points matched and her straight line quilting was precise! Here are pictures of the two quilts she brought.

After my company left I needed to get two pedal board covers made. Another brother had called me Saturday morning and asked for me to make the two covers as the band he is touring with just bought two new pedal boards. They are heading for Europe next week and the venues are outdoor so the boards will need protection from the elements. Here is a terrible picture of the pedal board. I took the picture off of a video on the manufacturer's website.
So between dinner, watching Top Gear, and a phone call from my quilting buddy in New Philadelphia, I managed to get the two covers made.


QuiltSwissy said...

A new friend who quilts! Her quilts are beautiful.

I need to find me some peacock colors! Love that quilt!

Vicki W said...

You are a good sister and yeah to new quilting friends!