Monday, April 6, 2015

UFO Busting update


Well, I didn't do very good this month.

Number of projects in process as of March 1 - 37
Number of projects completed in March - 0
Number of total projects completed in 2015 - 5
Number of new projects started - 0
Number of projects in progress - 4 - the blue/yellow cobbles, t-shirt quilt, green and yellow UFO and the first linen series quilt
Number of UFO's trashed - O
Number of projects in process as of March 31 - 41

I will have to get the binding on those three quilts this month for sure!


Vicki W said...

Nothing wrong with that. Some projects take a lot longer than a month to finish. You didn't end with more than you started and in my book that would be a really good month!

QuiltSwissy said...

Good job! Whittling them down!

elle said...

You are moving ahead and that is all that counts! :)