Tuesday, April 28, 2015

T-shirts and more vintage quilts

I received two more t-shirts in the mail. I have one more coming and I believe I finally have enough. The latest ones are The Clash and U2.

I also bought some pearl cotton size 12 to used on the t-shirt quilt to add a little handwork to the piece.

A number of years ago when my dad's mother died, several of my brothers and I helped my Mom, Dad and aunt clean out her house. Dad found these two quilts that his Mom had made. One was for my dad and the other for his brother, Ed. My dad took one quilt and he gave me the other.

These are the only two quilts she ever made. When Grandma, Marian Weber, was visiting my parents years ago my Mom wanted her to embroider her name on the corner of the quilt and the year she thought she had made these twin sized quilts. Grandma said she absolutely hated making these quilts and she would never make another one and she never did! My Grandmother was an accomplished seamstress too!

The quilts were bound differently. One had a typical narrow binding

and the other one had the backing folded over to the front at the sides and fabric strips sewn at the ends.

I don't know if Grandma did the typical binding first, then just wanted to get the other one done so she did the backing folded over on the other OR did she do the fold over first then found out how to put on a typical narrow binding on the other quilt. I will never know.

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Vicki W said...

How nice to have the quilts and the story!