Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My first 2015 fabric purchase and using up batting scraps

I didn't hold out very long before I made my first purchase! I have been trying to ignore all the sales everyone has been having, but for 50% off ... well, that is a hard sale to ignore! Here is what I bought

I have this pile of batting scraps
and some small UFO quilts that need quilted so last evening I sewed the batting together to make big enough pieces for two of the small quilts. The batting was wrinkled so I lightly pressed it.

I had a nice big piece that I needed to add a strip to the side and the bottom.

To do this I overlapped the pieces by a couple of inches and made sure they were the same length at the end where I would start sewing.

With the rotary cutter, I cut a gentle curvy wave thru both pieces then removed the trimmings.

I took the pieces to the sewing machine and set my stitch for a triple stitch zig zag 13a i.e. each zig has three little stitches in it. Using this stitch keeps the batting from forming a ridge. I also used the widest setting and set the length to a 2. The standard length on my machine is a 1.

Place both pieces under the foot with the edges butted up against each other. I started sewing keeping the butted edge in the middle of the foot so the zig zag would go back and forth catching both pieces.

I guess I should have used a different colored thread to show the seam so you could see it better, but it is what it is - a nice flat seam that will not be noticeable!

I managed to get the batting pieced for two quilts along with the backing pieced and binding cut. I will continue to make batting for the rest of my small UFO quilts and stack them up until I am ready to start the next step of pin basting them.

Before I went to work I made a lime coconut quick bread to take to the fellows at work. I didn't want to make it last night because I would have smelled it all night and that would drive me crazy! They fellows said it tasted good. I had to change the recipe since I didn't have any coconut oil or coconut milk. I used butter and skim milk instead. I did a calculation of the calories and if I cut it into 8 slices each slice would have 337 calories! Holy cow! It sure does smell good! Very limey!


QuiltSwissy said...

Love those skullls! And orange! that bread smells amazing! I can smell it from here!

PS I do my batting scraps the exact same way!

MartiDIY said...

Where did you find that fabric at this time of year?

Also, I love the tutorial. We all have times that we need to put batting together. I usually do a straight line but I'm going to switch to the wavy line too. Thanks!