Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where's my watch and the Moda Halloween quilt

I misplaced my watch. I remember seeing it yesterday morning at 6:25 and then it vanished! I wasted a lot of time yesterday morning before I went to work, at lunch, and last evening. After changed the sheets on the bed, emptying wastebaskets, and fixing my shoe with gorilla glue, I went to the kitchen to remove yams that I had baked from the skins. As I was working on the yams it dawned on me to look one more place for my watch. After I was done drying my hair yesterday morning, I had put the hair dryer on the table where my watch was located. I looked where I put the hair dryer away and there was my watch. YEAH! It had gotten tangled up with the dryer cord. After all that I still had time to sew a few blocks together.

I still have three blocks to cut

and three blocks to sew together

Here is what the quilt looks like now. I added another vertical row of blocks. The dark blocks need a lot of work in their arrangement. What I have going on right now is not working for me at all. I need to find out the size limits for QuiltCon.

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