Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MM quilt, DP sew along, and look at the size of this place

I pushed hard last evening to get the last of the quilting done on the Michael Miller challenge quilt. Here is a shot of the last two blocks.

I have the binding fabric pressed and ready to cut into strips. Look how crooked it is. I have plenty for the binding so that is not a problem, but it is a waste of fabric to have to cut off those crooked ends. I will probably loose at least four inches. Cotton Couture fabric is much thinner than Kona. I found I needed to use my Best Press to give some body to the fabric.

I needed to get started on Vickie's Drunkard Path sew along on Field Trips in Fiber. I wanted to make a new flannel quilt for my bed so I thought I would make mine in flannel. After digging out the flannel, I found that I had fewer plaids than I thought. On the left is the group of solids and the right stack is all the plaids I have!

Yes, I bought a few pieces when I went to Miller's Dry Goods this past weekend, but I like to use lots of different plaids so it looks like I need to some shopping. Here is my first two blocks. I will be improv cutting and piecing my DP blocks. Yes that is right - no templates, no pattern and they will not all be the same size. I have no idea what this quilt will look like when it is finished. These blocks measure around 13" x 14", but will be trimmed down. Right now I am just playing and will eventually get into a rhythm and figure out what I am looking to accomplish.

Yesterday I took several walks to the dumpster in my clean up of files in the office. Here is the picture of the building which will be a high school and middle school. See the lines of CMU or concrete blocks in the foreground? That is the foundation for more of the building. 350,000 Square Feet once done.

I don't remember if I had ever posted a picture of the double wide I work in so here it is.


QuiltSwissy said...

Interesting work on your plaids. I was thinking about the stretch of the flannel. Do you find it difficult to work with on those curves?

It wil be wonderful when you finish.

That is a huge project your company is working on. Does your workplace trailer move to each job?

So many questions!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see the final Michael Miller fabric product!