Monday, October 6, 2014

Metal t-shirts score and a busy weekend

I had three days of busy! Friday I received my goodie bag from the Quilt Alliance. The charm pack of fabric from Timeless treasures was a nice surprise!

Saturday on my way back from getting my hair cut I stopped at the Goodwill store to see if I could find any hard rock/metal t-shirts. I came home with 3 for $5.00.
I liked the flaming skull on this one

This one was just weird. I am not a death metal fan at all, but the hot dog was funny so I just had to buy it for a dollar.

And there was this gray t-shirt with crossed flying V guitars on it.

I had bought a few t-shirts last year and here are those. The Metallica shirt has a design on both sides that I can use. So this is at least a start for the project. I had not decided how I am going to assemble this quilt yet, but at least I am on my way to collecting the materials.

I have 16 out of the 30 blocks done on the Michael Miller Challenge quilt.

Saturday night was the Akron Art Prize ceremony. I did not place. The party at the museum was fun! They had two musical acts, one was a percussion group and they were really good!

And the other group was a disco/funk/Motown group. They had horns too! I know the picture is dark, but I tried using the flash and that didn't work either.


QuiltSwissy said...

Aww..I thought you would win something. Most Creative for sure!

Great score on the tees! I can swing by goodwill this week and see what I can see!

I found a vintage sheet for a quilt back at the Purple Cow!

Vicki W said...

Cool shirts to add to your collection! That's going to be a fun quilt. Glad you had a fun weekend!