Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another MM block done

I got another block quilted on the MM quilt last evening. There are a lot of thread color changes on this quilt. I try and quilt the colored part of the two blocks then switch to white. Here is where I am with the aqua blocks. I now have only 7 blocks left to quilt.

To answer QuiltSwissy's question from yesterday's post, I do free motion quilting on a domestic machine. I have a Pfaff 1475CD. I don't turn the quilt at all. I made this little drawing to try and illustrate. I use my free motion foot as a guide for the width of the quilting lines. I have a option on my machine to move my needle into different positions, so between that and the marks on the foot I figure out how wide I want my lines to be apart. Believe me, my lines are not perfect, and I don't want them to be perfect. After awhile I get into a rhythm and just move the quilt back and forth and back and forth. I have pretty good control with the speed of the needle and the speed I move the quilt, but there is variation in the size of my stitch as I do not have a stitch regulator on my machine.

I went out and dug out thistle in my flower bed last evening. Look at the mess!

I dug up a nice clump of Shasta Daisy to take to Mary.

I also moved the remaining plants around so they were kind of grouped together and gave them a drink of water. I didn't get many flowers this year, but next year I will. I grew these from seeds this spring. I still need to mow, but at least the flower bed looks better.

This morning's sunrise was very pretty.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Thanks for the illustration. For some reason I could not think in terms of a free motion foot!