Monday, October 27, 2014

3 days of sewing

I was bound and determined to get a lot done Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I spent around 10 hours a day working in the studio. I cut up the flannels I bought last week into the sizes I needed - 12" x 12" pieces for the DP quilt and 3" strips for the xmas quilt. I am sure glad I had several yards of navy flannel in my stash as I should have bought a couple more solids, but in the end it worked out.

First, I sewed and cut the 3" strips for the blocks for the xmas quilt. Here is the majority of the sections ready to be sewn into blocks.

How many blocks with this make? I have no idea! I did get a package on Saturday from Hancock's with a four more flannels.

I wash the fabric and cut it into the sizes I needed for both quilts, but I didn't get the strips sewn together as I was in a groove of sewing the DP blocks.

I managed to get all 80 blocks sewn and trimmed for the DP quilt! I did run out of navy flannel so I dug out a piece of red flannel to use for the last eight blocks I needed to sew. I have a bunch of the red flannel and it is at least 60" wide. Here is the quilt on the design wall. I have the two four block sections on the right upper row sewn together and the far right four block section in the second row sewn too. I think it will be easier to sew this quilt together in four block sections. I trimmed the blocks to 11" squares.

Here are the rest of the blocks lined up on my table.

My sewing room needs a vacuuming with all the strings and fuzz from working with the flannel. I think I will do that at lunch today. I also worked on the Moda Halloween quilt a bit and I will post about that tomorrow.

Thursday at work we had a visitor. The project engineer had this kitten run up to him when he was out walking the site. I called Animal Control and Bob came out and got her. He picked her up and stuck he inside one of the layers of shirts he had on to keep her warm and to feel secure. My hands break out from cats so I wasn't taking her home. The fellow went around to everyone to try and find her a home, but nobody wanted her. Bob knew who he was going to take the cat too so it sounds like she was going to a good place.


Vicki W said...

Oh wow, you got a pot done this weekend! I think both quilts look great. I can only imagine how much lint you have in your studio!

QuiltSwissy said...

Looks like your flannel quilts are coming along. I could never, in good conscience, be ready so early with a Christmas quilt. I need to be up against the wall on a deadline!!! Living on the edge!

Poor kitten! I hope she gets to a nice home. If you were here I would give you some spay neuter coupons to go with her!