Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chores and packages

I spent last evening doing some chores - laundry, cooking, weeding - things I let go until I absolutely have to do them! I did sit down and turn on a movie "Hang 'em High" - an old Clint Eastwood cowboy flick. So that is three Clint Eastwood movies this week!

The mailman brought me a couple of packages. First was a box nicely packaged with my mower parts. My brother will come over and install the new sparkplug and I also bought a new air filter. Hopefully this will resolve the issues of getting the mower to start. I bought the parts from I had to call them since I couldn't figure out from the hundreds of mower models which was mine. The fellow I talked to, J.T., was extremely helpful and patience! The shipping was quick too. I would definitely buy from them again.

The other box was some zippers I ordered from Wawak Sewing. They have a lot of sales (I get their email sales alerts) and the zippers were buy two and get one free. I bought two packs of 25 assorted 11" zippers, so that means I now have 75 11" zippers which I plan to use to make some pouches like this one. The three packs of zippers came to $12.79.

Here are the zippers packaged nicely in zip bags along with some 26" zippers I wanted for making this tote bag.

The 26" zipper was also buy two and get one free. The three zippers came to $2.74! Shipping was $4.89 and I got my order in just three days. This is the same company that helped me out with the interfacing I needed for Michael's vests.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! I need to check out that place! Are they metal zips?