Thursday, April 17, 2014

The pile has been sorted

Now I can see what I have after sorting that very messy pile of homespun and I can figure out my next move. Here is the fabric sorted into piles with similar sized pieces. The bottom row L to R are fabrics that are the wrong color and will be set aside, a pile of small pieces, a pile of medium sized pieces, and a pile of FQs. The top row is a pile of fat eights, long strips for cutting binding, and some decent sized pieces of blue.

Did I find anything else hiding in the pile? Yes, I did! There were these strip sets left over from a quilt I made for myself that was a duplicate of one I made for Richie Sambora. Here are the strips and a picture of my quilt.

Then I found these 6 1/2" blocks. These are left over from a quilt I made Janet Jackson probably 14 - 15 years ago. Here are the blocks and a picture of the quilt (a bad picture!). I just stuck the blocks on the design wall, but I will need to add some light colored blocks. The blocks a much darker in person.

Lastly I found some strips left from a top I used as the family Xmas quilt two years ago.

I need more blue and beige homespuns so I headed into the fabric storage room to see if I had missed any in my first search. Well, I found just what I was looking for. The black piece will go back in storage, but I can use the rest of this.

I will be able to finish the quilt I started with the piles of 6 fabrics
and also one using up those 6 1/2" blocks with all these scraps of homespum plus binding for each top. I will reevaluate of what to do with any fabric I have left once I get these next two tops done.

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DanaJ said...

I love getting to see your process.....all the little steps and hurtles.