Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewing, fabric, biking and SNOW!

First - sewing
I put the borders on that multi layer piece so now it is ready to pin baste for quilting

Second - fabric

I received the rest of my order from Hancock's of Paducah of the American Made Brand cotton. The new fabric is at the lower right - all three gray fabrics they have in the line, dark yellow, and cream.

I also bought this cow fabric for a baby quilt I need to make. Cute cow fabric is hard to find! I think I will use a lot of black/white fabric and orange fabric with this print.

Third - biking
Last night Paris-Roubaix one day bicycling event was on TV. This race is 159.7 miles long in one day over smooth roads as well as cobble paths. I started watching it, but I had to tape the rest and go to bed. I needed my rest just in case I get to go to Columbus tonight to see Bruce Springsteen. Here is a shot of the boys riding over some cobble. That is not fog - it is the dust they kick up! Cobbles are very dangerous to ride over and if it was raining they get very slick and the boys would be covered with mud. This is motivation to stay in front!

And last - SNOW - yes it is snowing! Yesterday is was so warm in the trailer at work I had to plug in the fan. This morning I unplugged the fan and plugged in the space heater. It is not enough that I have to shovel, and the roads aren't bad, but come on Mother Nature!


Vicki W said...

Ick, snow!

Exuberant Color said...

Your quilt is like a little landscape. I think the rectangular blocks worked well.

QuiltSwissy said...

I am loving those moo cows! I can't wait to see what happens to them with the B and W and O!

We are expecting 36 tonight, so they say. It was quite cold this morning when I let the dogs out.

But no snow........you got me beat on that side still!

glen in Louisiana!