Thursday, April 24, 2014

MQG meeting

Since my car is in the shop one of the ladies volunteered to pick me up so I could attend last night's meeting. We had eight ladies show up and we had a lively discussion about all kinds of things. There was show and tell also. Of course I was half stupid because I was tired and forgot to take my camera! I got home at 8:45 and my head hit the pillow at 9. I was pretty tired from the trip to Pittsburgh the night before.

This morning I noticed how tall my canna was getting.

The weather is still cold here for this time of year although the cool weather is nice to walk to work in so I don't get overheated.

I am suppose to get my car back today. It needed the valve gaskets and seals replaced, degreased (oil was everywhere!), a tune up which includes new ignition wires, spark plugs, air filter, and I had to have the distributor cap replace due to the oil splattering. Baby will feel like a new car!

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