Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More homespun sorting

I worked a bit on sorting that homespun pile into like sizes. I have five stacks of 6 fabrics pressed and ready for cutting. I found some longer pieces that I can use for cutting binding.

Look at the pile left! I doesn't even look like I took 30 pieces out of the pile! I am running low on the light colored homespun. I will have to go into the fabric storage room and see if I have any I missed.

Look at the temp this morning! 24 freaking degrees! What is that all about? The poor daffodils are crying "uncle!".

The rest of the week it is going to be cold at night but warm up during the day. At least there is no more snow in the forecast!

1 comment:

DanaJ said...

Hot weather is overrated, P.
Chilly and Quilts go together, girl.