Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last night's lecture and a suprise today

I was so busy with setting up, talking, and then tearing down I never took one picture of the wonderful group of ladies that at the meeting last night. There must have been at least 50 women there! Everything went well thanks to Dawn who helped show quilts, fold them up, and helped me unpack and pack the car. Darla also helped carry stuff for me too. The quilts that drew the most ohs and ahs were the two gray and yellow quilts - the multi layer baby quilt and the big one I made for my guest room.

I sold lots of fat quarters and bundles. Look - I now have emptied one full container!

Remember how I had shown that picture of all my samples organized into a nice pile? This is what the pile looked like after I go home. There is no time to be neat when you are moving from one example to the next. I just took them off the design board and dumped them in a bag.

I needed to get the brick fixed around a window. There use to be a little bay window at this location and when I replaced all the windows in the house the new window didn't fill the space the bay left. So my brick guy called me this morning after I had already gone to work and wanted to do the window today. I went home quick - it is only a mile away from work - and got the hose out for him. You can sort of see the issue with the window here.

Here it is all done! It is amazing he was able to find a match for 55 year old brick!

I just need to caulk between the window and the brick and this will be a good job done!


Vicki W said...

I'm glad the event was such a great success!

QuiltSwissy said...

Sounds like yu had a very successful night! And the fact that the sammple pile looks such a mess is a great testamment to that fact! LOL

Congrats. pretty soon you will be touring the country for money on the weekends!

So.......when are you coming to Louisiana? the basset boyz would love to host you!