Monday, April 21, 2014

How many quilts does it take ...

to call it a series? I feel like I have a series going on with these lap sized quilts made out of homespun. I worked on the second and third quilts this weekend. For the second one I have twelve more blocks to make. I have the pieces all cut and I had just enough different blues that were the right sized pieces to make these twelve blocks. Here is where the quilt is right now. I have the three long rows sewed together and the three little rows are sew into rows, but not together. These blocks are 8 1/2" so they finish at 8".

For the third quilt I have all the rows sewn together as much as I could, but I need to make 8 more of the 6 1/2" striped blocks.

The bindings are made and labeled for all three.

Here are the pieces for the blocks I need to make to finish both quilts.

Now what do you think the pile of leftover fabric looks like? I think I have enough to make another quilt!

My brother drove in from Pittsburgh for Easter and look what I got! A used guitar pic! I will add this to my framed backstage passes, wrist bands, and ticket subs from the other Springsteen concerts I have been lucky enough to go to because of my brother.

Today I have to try and get my car fixed. Apparently I need to have my head gasket replaced according to the diagnoses my nephew gave me yesterday when I showed up for Easter brunch. He said the same thing happened to him and that is how he knew what was going on. Let's hope the garage can get me in today.


Victoria said...

These homespun quilts that you are working on look great!

Vicki W said...

What a great series! I hope the car repair goes well and that it's all you have to deal with. We are on a roll here. In the past 2 weeks we've had a car repair, a root canal and bought a TV, dryer and 2 refrigerators!