Wednesday, April 30, 2014

12 more blocks

I got twelve more blocks done, but somehow I deleted the picture of what the top currently looks like. Oh, well. I have 12 more blocks to make for this top. I have the next six blocks laid out and ready for sewing.

I was walking around the front yard last evening and noticed another group of white daffodils. I really like these white ones.

I picked up a few more half yards pieces of Halloween fabric for the two quilts I need to make. Got them for $1.80 each! This is first quality fabric too!

Here is the new Halloween fabric with the previously purchased fabric. I needed to see what I need to look for a Miller's Dry Goods when I go to Charm this weekend. For this first group for the orange and green quilt, I need to find a couple more greens. I think I will have to take those two more yellow/orange fabrics out of the group. I have one green piece on backorder from Hancock's, but I will still need to find a couple more greens.

The other Halloween quilt needs to use purple and pink in it. So far I have not found pink Halloween fabric so I will use purple and maybe some gray. I only have two purple fabrics, but I have three on back order from Hancock's.

These pictures will be helpful as I shop at Miller's and hopefully pick up a couple more fabrics.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Daffodils are so pretty. I love your collection of Halloween fabrics! I think I like the greens best.