Friday, July 12, 2013

Where is my sewing machine?

Well, it is in my car. I spent last evening at my sister-in-law's working on pants for Michael. We got the pattern made and the first pair cut out. Robin started sewing the pants together with my direction. Robin is a novice sewer, but she is picking up the lingo and skills quickly. I left her with a to do list for this first pair and when we get together on Sunday to finish them she will have put in the other front pocket and have all the side seams zig zagged.

This morning as I would think of tools we needed I would add them to my bag of stuff. This morning I added buttons, a seam ripper, marking pencil, and a point turner - all stuff she doesn't have. I will post pictures of Michael in his new stage show pants once we get them done. The fabric is wild!

So this weekend is working the concession table for Michael's band at a place he is playing at on Saturday. Sunday morning I will have to catch up on the Tour and then it is off to finish those pants. Gosh, this weekend is going to go fast!

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