Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now that's a lot of rain!

It just poured all afternoon yesterday. Here are a couple of shots of the radar. You can see what time it was.

It was 4:30, still raining, and time to head home. It was hard to capture how much water was on the road. This is a four lane street and the water filled the lanes closest to the curb and was creeping into the left lanes. See the white area in the lower right corner in the second picture? That is not my windshield fogged up. That is splash from the cars going by.

I finally got to my neighborhood and this is what stopped me in my tracks

There are only three ways to get to my house, so I turned around and tried another way and was successful. Here is was the same area looks like this morning from the opposite direction. My garbage can was open while all this was going on so I measured the depth of the water in it this morning. There was 4 7/8" of water in it!

I did get a little sewing done. I finished up the second block and here is a shot of the front and back. I like the contrast stitching on the back.

I was suppose to go to my sister-in-law's house last night to help her with some projects, but because of the rain and flooding I didn't. After talking to the guys at work this morning that was a good decision. There was flooding everywhere. So now the sun is shining and I will be heading to her house instead of the museum tonight.


Exuberant Color said...

You were really under a rain cell! It all went south of us this time.

QuiltSwissy said...

That is s lot of rain! Even for us in south Louisiana who are generally prepared for a lot of rain!

Can't wait to see those wild pants, what a nice sister in law you are.

And .... I like the way you are quilting the Halloween quilt. The way the lines curve to match the block pieces is really curvatiously nice!!!