Monday, July 15, 2013

Many hats - roadie, quilting, sewing

What a weekend! Saturday I went to Youngstown with the band. We set up a merchandise tent with Michael's first CD.

Thank goodness the band only played one set, because it was 90 degrees and they did not have any shade. They did a great job and the crowd loved it. We sold 17 CD's!

I had to stay at the merchandise tent so I needed something to do before the band played so I decided to start taking apart my son's t-shirt quilt which needs fixed. His dog decided to get a little rough with it. Why? We have no idea, because she had never done it before or since. Here is the damage Addie Lou inflicted on the quilt

I made this back in the day when I did not quilt as heavily as I do now so it is pretty easy to take the quilting stitches out. I don't know that I am going to be able to salvage the backing fabric. The fabric is so thin that I can just poke my finger thru it.

After I got home Saturday from Youngstown and Sunday morning I had time to catch up on the TDF. Sunday they were heading up for a mountain finish at Mont Ventoux (pronounced von-too). Here is profile of the race course. Very flat until the end. It was a long stage at 151 miles! Can you even imagine pedaling a bicycle for 151 miles in 6 hours?

Here is a shot of Mont Ventoux. It is over 6000 feet, above the tree line, and that is a weather station at the top. You can see all the campers parked along the road.

While I watched the TDF I managed to get three blocks quilted on the Halloween quilt.

Sunday afternoon I went back to my sister-in-law's to work on Michael's pants. Here they are ready to hem. I need to adjust the pattern a bit, but overall Mom is pleased with the pants.

Since we are in such a time crunch, I am going to make the next pair by myself and then the third pair we will work on together. Here is the fabric for the next pair.

On my way to work I saw four little heads peeking out of the storm sewer. They took off across the yard following mamma.

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