Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot time in the old town tonight!

I took a half day vacation Friday to work on Michael's vest and because I was still feeling terrible from the heat at the museum Thursday night. When I left work at 11:30 Friday this was the temperature

Saturday I finished his vest and put together another pair of pants. Here is Michael backstage with his bass player before the concert they played at on Sunday late afternoon. His mom and I made the pants - the shirt was already in his wardrobe.

I drank a bottle of Pedialyte on Saturday and by that evening I was feeling better. One of the women that works at the art museum recommended it. The taste was not so great, but it worked.

Here is the other pair of pants that I made. Michael's mom will hem them. She wanted these for him when the band plays at the next event this upcoming Saturday night. The Michael Weber Show is the headlining act! He will wear his black fringe vest and a red shirt with these crazy pants!

Here is the merchandise tent on Sunday. Thank goodness I had a tent - it was hot! We sold 25 CD's and 16 t-shirts.

People were enjoying the music and the band got a standing ovation at the end. Several comments were that they were very entertaining and they needed to be on the big stage. There is a big covered stage at the other end of the concourse where all the big acts play. Michael was playing on the tiny elevated platform at the far end of the concourse. He has played the big stage several years ago when he had the band with his school mates. Here is one cute lady that was smoking her stogie and dancing to the music.

I did not get any of the Halloween quilt quilted, but I did get the glass to get these two frames done. The frame on the left was a picture my son did in school and the right frame are my Jimmy Buffet backstage passes, tickets, and guitar picks.


QuiltSwissy said...

My cousin in Denver said it was hot hot hot there too. We were actually about 10 degrees lower than he was at 92. But he dug that dagger in deep when he said there was only 12% humidity to my 74%!

Pedialyte is a good option. Coconut water is one as well. The desert Bedoins drink that!

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Cool. I like the picture of Michael with the pants and the vest. Good work.