Monday, July 8, 2013

7th finish of 2013

What a busy four days! Some expected and some not expected.

Here is the family xmas quilt done - yeah!

Here is the full view picture of the yellow and gray quilt I promised you.

I decided I needed a yellow and gray pillow case to go with the quilt so I whipped one up.

Friday morning I got up very early and weeded the front flower bed. It had rained so the ground was nice and soft - perfect for pulling weeds.
Before - what a mess!

After - much better!

Later on I put the second coat of paint on the office. Here it is with my stuff hanging up. I altered the one curtain I made too wide so that was another job done! I still need to go thru paperwork and get rid of old stuff, but the room is coming together. Once I get the floors refinished I will install the baseboard and my brother will help me install the closet doors.

I needed to paint just at the top of the closet, but I decided to remove almost everything so I could sort thru it. Here is the closet with some of the hanging stuff already removed.

Sorting the clothes on the sofa

Everything put back, well not everything. I found a hair dryer I didn't know I had so that went downstairs. I found a couple of shirt that would make good painting shirts, a shirt that would make a good sleep shirt, and a couple of t-shirts of my son's that I may use when I get around to repairing his t-shirt quilt.

The unexpected event was to help with the band on Saturday. They were playing at a private event - friends of the base player were renewing their vows. This was a casual event. Shirts with cut off sleeves were the standard attire. The couple renewing were very nice and threw a great party! Here is Shinny and Pete - Pete is the wife's name - renewing their vows officiated by the band's bass player who is also a minister in front of the band's banner. It was all very sweet.

They had set up two pop up tents for the band and here is a shot from behind the band's tents. To the right is a tan tent for the food and to the left the yellow and white striped tent for guests.

They had these inflatable tubs for the icing the cold food, but the ice was melting fast. It was hot and humid. This was held in Huron which is right on Lake Erie.

Just as the band was finishing their last song, it started to rain. Even though they were under the tent, stuff was still getting wet. We had to scramble to get the equipment packed and loaded. Once that was done the rain really came down hard. We were all soaked. It was a good thing I didn't waste my time that morning washing and fixing my hair! I had left my house a 10 am and didn't get home until 8 pm. It was a long day and I was beat!

I did get one block on the Halloween quilt quilted

and had another visit from the doe and her twins


QuiltSwissy said...

Looks like you got a lot accomplished, I did not. Migraine. Busted keyboard.

BTW ----- you won the quilt your quilt challenge!

I will announce today when I get home.


Vicki W said...

I love both your quilts but especially the Christmas quilt. Sounds like you had to go to work to get some rest!