Friday, August 10, 2012

Yeah-rah, yeah-rah, yeah-rah!

What am I so happy about?

Well, it's Friday.

It's raining.

The fabric arrived! I ordered this on Wednesday afternoon and it's here! I need to make two more covers for my brother this weekend so I can ship them Monday to Cambridge, MA. One cover will be for a set of conga drums with bongos attached to them and the other for another percussion set up. These two covers will use about the same amount of fabric that just one of the last covers I made took so they will be a piece of cake to make.

So this weekend will consist of making the covers, putting the border on the drum quilt top, weeding the flower beds if it doesn't get hot and the rain continues to soften the ground, and washing that pile of dishes in the sink, on top of the stove, on the counters ... holy dirty dishes Batman! And if I don't goof off and work hard I may get started on quilting one of the Olivia quilts or start piecing the wedding quilt for my brother.

Have a great weekend!

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QuiltSwissy said...

We are in Vicksburg ms tonite. It poured down rain after we left the confederate iron clad museum. Big flood! And lightening struck a nearby pole, scary!

Wearecelebrating our 40 th annov.