Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some fun stuff!

Connecting Threads had their quiltng thread on sale so I bought a few spools in colors I needed for a few projects. I bought bunches of this thread a couple of years ago when they had a sale that I am still using up so I didn't go crazy.

Glen of http://quiltswissy.blogspot.com read my problem with trying to find enough themed fabric for my piano quilt. She was looking for something else and came across this wonderful piece and mailed it to me. Thank you Glen! She is making a paperweight quilt that and is using a lot of black and white prints so I will be sending her some fabric for her quilt.

Wanda of http://exuberantcolor.blogspot.com sent me these lovely african fabric scraps for my next Obama quilt. Thank you Wanda!

Then I was looking for some Union Jack fabric for the piano quilt. The person that I am making the quilt for is British so I thought it would be fun to add some flag fabric. Do you think I could find any? Not really any that I liked until I found on ebay twaycards www.wendysweldinghats.com. They had fabric that they would make you a welding hat from that was the best Union Jack print. I email them and asked it they had a scrap that I could use for my piano quilt and this is what they sent me. Thank you so much Wendy and Tom! Wendy didn't want any money for the fabric or postage so I promised I would send them a picture of the quilt when it was done so they could see their fabric in it and then find out the famous person it is for. I will be taking apart one of the blocks in the already completed quilt top to add this fabric - it will be easy to do. So if you know anyone who needs a custom welding hat have them check out www.wendysweldnghats.com.

Thanks goodness for internet friends!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Those welding hats are too funny! Too bad I don't weld!

Check your link, I think you left out an i in welding.