Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More progress on the drum quilt

I got the last three blocks made yesterday evening and managed to get the three bottom rows sewn together! I will be adding a border, but not until I make the blocks for the piano quilt. I can't believe how I have used up so much of my fabric with musical notes on them. I want to at least get the blocks made for the piano quilt and then I will use what I have left for borders. Guess what I will be buying at the next sale in October at Miller's Dry Goods?

The McDonald's next door - not a problem for me. I have been there maybe three times in the last 8 years. I think we bought ice cream sundaes once or twice and one smoothie just this summer. I wouldn't walk over there by myself - too many unsavory characters in the area.

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Jean Gabrielle said...

Quilting is good and fun. I've tried it too before with my mom. Having different designs.