Monday, August 20, 2012

22nd finish of 2012

I finished the red Olivia quilt this weekend. I need the Olivia quilts for the beginning of October so I am doing good!

Here is the back

I got the border on the drum quilt. I needed to get it off the design wall so I could take pictures of the Olivia quilts and start working on my brother's wedding quilt. So here is the drum quilt top.

Here are better pictures than I had last week of the black Olivia quilt.

So now I am working on the beach inspired quilt for my brother. I will post a picture of what I have done so far tomorrow.

I wa hoping to find the key this weekend, but no luck. They gave me another one so I immediately put on my key chain. I did get the mowing and edging done, but the ground is still too hard to attack the weeds.

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Vicki W said...

The Olivia quilts are so cute? You had a really productive weekend!