Monday, August 1, 2011

Where did all this stuff come from?

I worked and worked on the bedroom redo this weekend. Even with the AC on I will still sweating buckets. The first job was to find a home for all the stuff stored in this room. I moved quite a bit out and the rest I put in the middle of the room. I am not done paring down. Once I get the closet done I can put in there what I plan on keeping, get all the Xmas stuff together and sort thru it, and maybe by then have a plan for all the stuff I don't want. I feel I accomplished a lot: closet shelf and door frame ripped out, closet primed and painted two coats, wallpaper borders stripped, ceiling painted with first coat, and baseboards ripped out. I did a lot of clean up as I went and only came across one big spider. This week I plan on patching the walls, get the second coat on the ceiling, and working on the windows which means installing extention jams, paint and install casing trim, and paint and install window trim. Then this weekend I will be ready to paint the wall and once I move the rest of the crap in the room, I will pull up the tiles, prime the floor and install new peel and stick which I have had for several years just waiting in boxes.
Closet Before

North wall before
North all after wallpaper removed and closet painted
East wall before
East wall now
South wall before
South wall now
West wall before
West wall now
Why the floor tile and baseboard has to be replaced. The tile is all broken when the tack strips were installed by the previous owner for carpeting and the baseboard is beat up and moldy.
I worked on the room Friday night, Saturday from 11:30 am to 9:30 (yes, I took a couple of breaks) and most of Sunday. I made the mistake of having a Hoarders marathon on the TV while I worked and all it did was make me want to work more and get this mess cleaned up! I finally stopped on the room to try and get some quilting done on the Dutch wax flag quilt. I only have 3 square feet left to quilt.
The best news of all - with not eating after 6 PM and all this work, I lost 9 pounds in July! I won't say how many more I have to lose, but it's better than a stick in the eye or gaining 9 pounds!


Vicki W said...

Nothing motivates me more than an episode of Hoarders! Each episode seems to be followed by me with a big trash bag going through the house! You sure got a lot done!

QuiltSwissy said...

I need to dot his with my sewing room! Contests on the quilts being accepted to Houston!!

I know someone famous! LOL