Thursday, August 18, 2011

More yellow

I bought these bookends several years ago and they are just butt ugly.
To solve that problem I painted them yellow! Now I think they are cute and will look nice in the new bedroom. The framed piece is one my son did in high school art class. It is a tribute to Kirk Cobane of Nirvana. I framed this piece several years ago and it will be perfect for the new bedroom.

Here is a picture of a room that inspired me to use yellow as my accent color. What a fun room!

Keim Lumber is delivering my extention jambs this morning. Tonight I will measure the windows and hand them off tomorrow to a fellow worker - the one I have been saving the beer bottles for - who will rip them down to the correct size. This extension jamb issue has slowed the project along with the foundation issue. The foundation waterproofers are coming Friday to look at the situation. I have not heard back from the electrician with a date and time to do the electrical.

I needed something for breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week so I dug thru the cupboards and found chicken broth, a can of carrots, a can of peas, and noodles. With the leftover turkey in the freezer, celery and parsley flakes, I made a soup/stew. I am eating it as I post and it is quite good.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Gotta love that yellow! I attempted to begin cleaning up my quilt room. You gave me the impetus to do that. I am condsidering new shelves in there........