Friday, August 19, 2011

Mess, extension jambs, and future giveaway - OH MY!

Here comes the weekend! I want to get my sewing room and foyer cleaned up of all the stuff I pulled out of the re-do bedroom. I am posting pictures of the ugly mess/dirty laundry so to speak. It is very humid this morning and I hope this is not the case for the whole weekend. I need to get some of this stuff out to the garage and organized for the garage sale my neighbor invited me to sell at in a few weeks. My garage faces south and it gets hot!
I even have stuff stuffed behind my big table.
Here is a view the opposite direction looking toward the foyer and the re-do bedroom. What a pile of stuff!
The foyer
The extension jambs were in the garage when I got to the house after work - YEAH! I broke the bundle apart, measured the windows, marked the jambs with the measurment I need them ripped to, and bundled them back up by window. All four windows had different measurements. I loaded them up in the car with the mt beer bottles (in the white boxes) and my friend, Mike, will be taking them home and ripping them for me. I will be glad to get them back so I can finish trimming the other window in the re-do bedroom.
I need to get another coat or two of paint on the other yellow pieces that are going into the room this weekend. Who knows what else I will end up doing!

I came up with an idea this morning. I think I will have a giveaway inspired by this re-do once I get the room done. As I continue to finish rooms, I plan on having some kind of giveaway for each room finished. You will have to keep encouraging me to finish rooms so the giveaways happen!


Exuberant Color said...

You must have our air from yesterday, it was humid. This morning is pretty nice so I hope this comes your way tomorrow. I hope you get rid of a lot at the garage sale. Just organizing it is a huge job. Won't it be nice to move it all out when the date of the sale comes?

QuiltSwissy said...

We are ALWAYS humid here in Southern Louisiana! When the humidity drops to 75% we say, man, the humidity is sooooo low today!

I am all over the giveaway, and I can be a great encourager to get those rooms finished! LOL.