Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

My friend stopped over last evening with her machine and the baby quilt that she is making. She was having trouble quilting it so I had to put on my thinking cap. The problems were: the thread she was using in the bobbin was a slick-it-tee shiny thread, the stitch lenght was too short, and she did not have one of those wooden spool inserts for the oversized spool of quilting thread. She is borrowing my wood insert - I need to find another one. Does anyone out there know where I can get one?

Here is the completed zig zag top. It will finish 75" x 85".

A co-worker dropped off my extension jambs yesterday. I can now get the ones for the re-do bedroom painted over the next couple of evenings and then I can install the trim on the other window in the re-do bedroom this weekend.

Other news - I got my electric bill yesterday. I almost did not want to open it for fear of how much it was going to be since I ran A/C every day with all the heat and humidity. To my suprise it was only $87.22! Usually my electric bill is about $22 to $26 a month without heat or A/C. I am glad to pay that for all the comfort I received!

Yes, it was interesting yesterday afternoon with the earthquake. I have felt them before in Ohio so it was no big deal although yesterday's much lasted longer than any I have felt in the past. The blinds were shaking along with the fake ficus tree. I am just glad that no one was killed or injured and the damage was minor compared to other earthquakes that have taken place in the world.

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Exuberant Color said...

I LOVE that zig zag!! I have to do another one!