Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun mixing colors

I put the first coat of paint on this trim last night and a second coat before I went to work this morning. I think it is going to need a third coat - I can still see the gray coming thru.

I want to paint the wall gray and so I went into my utility room and pulled out all the paint in storage. I started with some opps paint that I bought for $4.00 several years ago. Into the little more than a half gallon of the awful dirty looking pink opps paint I dumped about 1/3 of a quart of the envious green paint. The paint then had a green cast so I mixed up what artist red in a tube that I had - maybe a couple of tablespoons - and the same amount of Burnt Umber. The did chill out the green, but the paint was more a greenish tan than gray. I dumped in some black paint leftover from the master bedroom ceiling and then some white. I now have almost a gallon gray paint using up stuff that was just sitting around and saving myself $26.00!

I painted a sample patch on the bedroom so I could get a better sense of what it was going to look like dry. I think it is still a bit too dark so I will add more white. Now I will be ready to pick up some coordinating fabric this weekend for the curtians.

I ordered my baseboard trim and window casing from Keim Lumber in Charm, Ohio. I bought enough for the bedroom and my fabric storage room which is another bedroom where I sleep also. The next big thing I will need to buy is a box spring and mattress for the twin frame I already have. The pieces are falling into place, yeah!

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